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401 Days • Hi-Res Audio [MP3/WAV + DNA Membership]

401 Days • Hi-Res Audio [MP3/WAV + DNA Membership]


“An innovative interactive album” Billboard

During a period of 401 days, J.Views shared the making of his next album step-by-step. The process, dubbed The DNA Project, gave fans access to every place, person and sound involved in J.Views’ creative process.

The result of the process is an interactive album, allowing rare access to every step behind the making of the songs. Including critically-acclaimed singled Don't Pull Away (ft. Milosh), Into the Light (ft. Wild Cub), and We Moved (ft. Benja Lyman)

Explore the making of 401 Days on

This order includes the 401 Days DNA Membership, enabling access to high-res files, remix files, demo versions and exclusive downloads. 

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